Caerus Corp is a Minnesota company specializing in orthopedic and pain management solutions for both human and veterinary patients. Our legacy of ingenuity and technological development informs everything we do, while an abiding drive towards effective and compassionate care keeps us striving to develop and perfect the next great innovation in patient care.



Enrich the paradigm of human and animal orthopedic pain management by offering an effective range of non-invasive pain management devices that employ developed and emergent technologies.


Regularly invigorate our portfolio of rehabilitative and therapeutic devices by researching, developing, licensing, and acquiring patented technologies in the fields of pain management and orthopedics.


Leverage our deep library of patents and continually evolve our products to serve patients seeking non-pharmacological solutions in the pain management and orthopedic marketplace.


Provide unprecedented quality and efficacy of veterinary care through a comprehensive offering of adjustable and custom-fashioned limb bracing and prosthetic solutions.


Provide compelling non-surgical, non-pharmacological alternatives in the field of canine back bracing by offering innovative IVDD treatment for dogs suffering from back pain.


Partner with patients and professionals in the health care and veterinary fields worldwide to offer unique, safe, and effective products that enhance and prolong human and animal lives.


July 2015
We were formed with the goal of transforming pain management through acquiring and developing innovative technologies
August 2015
We secured an exclusive worldwide license for thermoformable canine bracing technology. This technology provided an immediate and impactful entry into the veterinary orthopedic market.
January 2016
We entered the human orthopedic and pain management market with the acquisition of OrthoCor Medical, Inc.

This expansion empowered us to manufacture and distribute product lines resulting from OrthoCor's numerous US and international patents related to pain management, most notably the OrthoCor Active System.

We were additionally able to utilize the Active System's FDA cleared Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology to develop veterinary medical devices for alleviating chronic pain in animals.
May 2016
We made the acquisition of Animal Ortho Care, LLC. A veterinary bracing company focused on creating custom support braces for companion animals. Adding the Animal Ortho Care products to our portfolio positioned Caerus Corp to provide custom, semi-custom and customizable animal braces.
August 2017
Our veterinary acquisitions continued when we added L'il Back Bracer, LLC, to the Caerus Corp family of companies.  The company's signature offerings are a variety of braces designed to assist canines suffering from intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). These products further enhanced our portfolio of patented veterinary rehabilitation technologies.
May 2021
We acquired Red Fox Innovations. The company's proven success in industrial sewing and contract manufacturing allowed us to bring fabrication of our various medical devices in-house. It also allowed Caerus to streamline and accelerate product prototyping and development across all of our businesses by working directly with our manufacturing arm.